Learn To Make Jewellery Courses

Our courses are designed for maximum enjoyment. Anyone can take the Level 1 Course – you don’t need any special skills! All you need to bring is your imagination, we provide everything else. The skills build on each other and lead to more advanced courses. There are 3 levels of courses that you can take. All courses are once a week for 8 weeks with an optional 9th week added on for catch ups if you miss any nights. The courses take place in The Niagara Region*, but if you can’t attend in person, you can attend online! We also host Kids Camps and Teens Lessons.

Course Dates

First Term March/April

Level 1 Tuesdays OR
Level 1 Wednesdays
Level 2 Thursdays
Level 3 Mondays

Second Term May/June

Level 1 Mondays OR
Level 1 Thursdays
Level 2 Tuesdays
Level 3 Wednesdays

Third Term September/October

Level 1 Wednesdays OR
Level 1 Thursdays
Level 2 Mondays
Level 3 Tuesdays

*** Free DIY Jewellery Tutorials! ***