Kids Jewellery Making Parties

Under the guidance of an expert, everyone will be shown step by step how to make their own piece of jewellery. Everyone gets to learn a new skill and make something beautiful- their own unique necklaces, bracelets and/or earrings. It’s a fun way to spend a few hours with friends and each person gets a wonderful keepsake of the special event.


All tools and materials are provided as part of the package, and we present a charming, themed setup.


The special girl of the day will get top-notch beads to use. Choose from: spectacular bling beads, funky rubber beads, or mirage beads that change colour with the heat of your body! The party girl receives a special gift from us, and all girls will go home with a lovely storage pouch. Refreshments and snacks are served at half time, provided by Lisa Kelleher Jewellery.


Birthday parties, wedding receptions, company Christmas parties, spiritual celebrations, graduations – all of these and more are great reasons to have a jewellery making party! Here at Lisa Kelleher Jewellery, we take the show on the road.


Kids Parties Ages 6-12


  1. Princess Party


Projects include a wired, jeweled “crown”, “diamond” earrings (we have clip-ons too!), a beaded pearl necklace plus a bag charm with their favourite princess’ charm! 2 hours. $125.00


  1. Fairy Fest


Projects include a wired fairy tiara and cascading ribbon wand, a glow-in-the-dark beaded bracelet, and wing earrings (we have clip-ons too!). 2 hours. $125.00



  1. Trinkets & Tea


This is a great party for all ages. Projects include a beaded necklace, bracelet and earrings (we have clip-ons too!). If it’s for younger girls, the little misses get to make a necklace for themselves, and a matching one for their dollies! (It also doubles as the bracelet for themselves!)

If it’s for smallies, don’t forget to ask the girls to bring their favorite dolly!

2 hours. $125.00


*** Free DIY Jewellery Tutorials! ***