Level 3 – Wig Jigging, Crocheting, Clay Modelling

Level 3


Learn to extend imagination with new skills such as crocheting with wire, Fimo clay work, metal sheet work and more. Advanced 2 Course costs $325 for 8 weeks and includes specialized tools and components for 27 pieces of jewellery:

  1. Spiral Rope Set
  2. Wig Jig Knot Set + Ring!
  3. Two Peas In A Pod
  4. Romance Crocheted Set with Freshwater Pearls
  5. Swarovski Chandalier Pendant Set + Ring!
  6. Swarovski Wisteria Cascade Set on Sterling Chain
  7. Epoxy Clay Design Set
  8. Watches and Bead Frames Set + Ring!

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